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The Crack Monkeys are:

Joe Welsh, AKA Johnny Mumbles: Guitar, Vocals
Jake Ide, AKA Mr. Jake: Bass, Vocals
Glen Sanford, AKA The Detective: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Adam Dohrnwind (brutally misspelled), AKA Capricorn: Drums

The year was 2013. Somewhere in the subterranean underbelly of Metropolitan New York, a young researcher named J. Edwin Rose was deep in his work, forcing unlucky primates to inhale strongly of a certain illegal substance. It was wrong, but it was not until the monkeys discovered time-travel that the world was beginning to be warned. So people, be ready! Here come the Crack Monkeys!

Kök Rök


Lovely Lil

Ordinary Day

Devil Song

One Step Up

The Great Divide